Episode 16 – Dragonslayer

Matt and Drew tackle more dragon stuff with 1981’s DRAGONSLAYER! I guess we’re on Earth, turd hats, virgin sacrifices and possibly the best dragon in film history. Plus, Drew asks a fisherman if he’s ever fished.

Extras – Remakes We’d Actually Like To See

Matt and Drew talk about some fantasy films that they wouldn’t mind seeing remade. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe. Arnold Schwarzenegger is mentioned more than once!

Extras – Our Favorite Fantasy Films

Matt and Drew reminisce and talk about their favorite fantasy films, some of which have been addressed in previous episodes, some of which have yet to make an appearance!

Episode 15 – Dragonheart

Matt and Drew are sworn to valor with 1996’s DRAGONHEART! Random spikes, dragon parole officers, fire snot and the Code! Plus, Drew snaps into a Slim Jim, oooooh yeah!

Episode 14 – Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger

Matt and Drew are survivors cast upon the rocky shores of 1977’s SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER! Crisis On Infinite Supermen, more monkeys in more pictures, the doofusiest wisest man in the world and seagull-footed witches. Plus, Drew completely agrees with the assessment that Ray Harryhausen is a freakin’ genius!

Episode 13 – Wizards

Matt and Drew tackle their first animated fantasy with 1977’s WIZARDS! Columbo the wizard, string-bikini-clad full-fledged fairies, song-and-dance rabbis and you know…for kids! Plus, Drew uses an excess of euphemisms for breasts.

Episode 12 – Legend

Matt and Drew find disconcertingly little to complain about with 1985’s LEGEND! Archetypal blank slates, familiar fairy faces, that’s neither here nor there and the best damned makeup ever put to film. Plus, Drew gets happy birthday wishes for the second day in a row.

Episode 11 – Mythica: The Darkspore

Matt and Drew return to some old stomping grounds with 2015’s MYTHICA: THE DARKSPORE! Surprise elves, gojiberry pies, little marmots and even more Kevin Sorbo. Plus, Drew starts things off with a little leftover haggis.

Episode 10 – The Highlander Films

Matt takes this one solo with the entirety of THE HIGHLANDER FILM SERIES! Spanish-Japanese-Egyptians with Scottish accents, Highland Scotsmen with Swiss accents, rapidly declining villain quality and the crippling weight of arbitrary rules. Plus, Drew doesn’t show up even once.

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