Episode 9 – The Seeker

Matt and Drew wish the Dark was rising a little less stupidly with 2007’s THE SEEKER! Why is the Black Rider riding a white horse? Why is Ian McShane playing Merriman Lyon? Why are the Stantons American? And why is Will a 14-year-old douche? Among countless other questions. Plus, Drew crumbles under the crushing weight of Matt’s disdain for this desecration of his childhood literary favorite.

Episode 8 – The NeverEnding Story

Matt and Drew prove the lie inherent in the title of 1984’s THE NEVERENDING STORY! Oh the Germanity, intricate and thinly-veiled clinical depression metaphors, Frank Zappa’s kid and unpaid-off emotional setups. Plus, Drew has a perfectly respectable showing in the Reel Fantasy Tons’o Tricky Tropes Trivia Test!

Episode 7 – The Beastmaster

Matt and Drew get in touch with their animal sides with 1982’s THE BEASTMASTER! Cow babies, Arnold the Tiger, overly-sensitive vegan barbarians and Cleo McDowell’s flaring nostrils. Plus, Drew has a vastly different opinion of the film than Matt does.

Episode 6 – Mythica: A Quest For Heroes

Matt and Drew go new-school with 2014’s MYTHICA: A QUEST FOR HEROES! Kevin Sorbo, Kevin Sorbo, Kevin Sorbo and Kevin Sorbo. Plus, Drew gets a fykin’ curse word bleeped out.

Episode 5 – The Dark Crystal

Matt and Drew catch Muppet Mania with 1982’s THE DARK CRYSTAL! Androgynous puppets, potato people, SkekRobert and flayed-rabbit-nightmare-creatures. Plus, Drew expresses displeasure at the thought of roly-poly, squishy, tentacly thingies rubbing their roly-poly, squishy tentacles all over him.

Episode 4 – The Magic Sword

Matt and Drew delve deeper into the history of the fantasy genre and come up with 1962’s THE MAGIC SWORD! TV-quality sets, 20-year-old plague-orphaned prince-knights, dodgy Irish accents and curses out the wazoo. Plus, Drew draws comparisons to Ed Wood, The Munsters, Barbie, Scooby-Doo, The Princess Bride, Star Trek, Jason And The Argonauts and Krull…but NOT Lord Of The Rings.

Episode 3 – Willow

Matt and Drew watch a film from back in the days when George Lucas still had the good will of the world firmly on his side, 1988’s WILLOW! Pecks, Daikinis, Nelwyns and what the fudge am I even saying right now?! Plus, Drew turns into an 18th century fur trader for a second or two.

Episode 2 – Conan The Destroyer

Matt and Drew celebrate April Fool’s Day with a sequel that must have seemed like a prank to audiences when it was released, 1984’s CONAN THE DESTROYER! Fuzzy tighty-whities, pervasive sexual innuendos, stone-swallowing sidekicks and Bombaata Grunts: Alien Detective. Plus, Drew does dead-on off-the-cuff impressions of about half the cast.

Episode 1 – Krull

The Reel Fantasy Podcast begins with Matt and Drew discussing a film they both know and love, 1983’s blending of fantasy and sci-fi, KRULL! Whiny princes, circus-pirate pants, laser burps and Charlie Bucket’s math teacher. Plus, Drew comes up with the perfect title that the producers probably should have used, instead of Krull, in order to maximize box office results.

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