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Episode 2 – Conan The Destroyer

Matt and Drew celebrate April Fool’s Day with a sequel that must have seemed like a prank to audiences when it was released, 1984’s CONAN THE DESTROYER! Fuzzy tighty-whities, pervasive sexual innuendos, stone-swallowing sidekicks and Bombaata Grunts: Alien Detective. Plus, Drew does dead-on off-the-cuff impressions of about half the cast.

Episode 1 – Krull

The Reel Fantasy Podcast begins with Matt and Drew discussing a film they both know and love, 1983’s blending of fantasy and sci-fi, KRULL! Whiny princes, circus-pirate pants, laser burps and Charlie Bucket’s math teacher. Plus, Drew comes up with the perfect title that the producers probably should have used, instead of Krull, in order to maximize box office results.