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Episode 36 – Howl’s Moving Castle

Matt and Drew go utterly insane while watching and talking about 2004’s HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE! Steampunk saturation point immediately exceeded! Howl is SUPER bishounen! BLARKLE! Inexplicable, unrequited and unwarranted love!

Episode 35 – Kull The Conqueror

Matt and Drew return once more to the Hyborian Age or whatever, with 1997’s KULL THE CONQUEROR! Kull is so effin’ metal! Eunuchs by association! Just make non-committal grunts and wave your hands! No one ever thinks to ask Kull if he can just stop being king or something!

Episode 34 – The Pagemaster

Matt, Drew and Amanda discover that reading is FUNdamental with 1994’s THE PAGEMASTER! Inexplicable WGA disputes! Macauly Culkin’s huge, forever-chapped lips! Leaky dinghies need to be plugged! You never see flashing neon exit signs in valleys!

Episode 33 – The Princess & The Goblin

Matt, Drew and Amanda watch an adorable, but creepy, simplistic, but surreal animated film, 1991’s THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN! Grandparents don’t exist! Cartoon villains want to do nasty things to little boys! Woefully ineffectual princesses! Froglip Stardust And The Spider-Legs From Mars!

Episode 31 – The Christmas Dragon

Matt and Drew fly right up Christmas’ nose with 2014’s THE CHRISTMAS DRAGON! Multi-potentialite bad guys, Borntall’s brothers’ names also describe their physical characteristics, Lisa Frank dragons and YEEEAAAHHH!!! Plus, Drew is filled with childlike wonder at A Reel Fantasy Night Before Christmas.

Episode 30 – Journey To The Christmas Star

Matt and Drew explore Norwegian Christmas with 2012’s JOURNEY TO THE CHRISTMAS STAR! People who are named after their job, possible off-screen child killings, boreal peer pressure and Miracle Max: Magic Attorney At Law. Plus, Drew mistakes blueberry tart for caviar pizza, but decides that both sound tasty.

Episode 29 – Hogfather

Matt and Drew kick off the Christmas season, while showing off their terrible English accents, with 2006’s HOGFATHER! Britannia to the max, porcine Santa Claus analogues, inter-generational body system building blocks and half-hour tooth-sweeping sessions. Plus, Drew starts things off having seen more of the movie than Matt…but doesn’t end up that way.

Episode 28 – The Lord Of The Rings (1978) Commentary

Matt, Drew and Amanda try something new for Thanksgiving and provide running commentary on 1978’s LORD OF THE RINGS! To get the most out of this, you should watch the movie along with us…it won’t really make a lick of sense otherwise. Don’t worry, we explain how to synchronize us and the movie in the beginning of the commentary.

Episode 27 – Labyrinth

Matt and Drew dive deeper into The Sea Of Muppets with 1986’s LABYRINTH! Pat Hingle plays a 15-year-old girl, David Bowie’s junk, threats of stinkiness and Crisis On Infinite Trap Doors. Plus, Drew turns into a Whoopee cushion for a few seconds at one point.