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Episode 64 – The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen

1988’s The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen, directed by Terry Gilliam and written by Gilliam & Charles McKeown, is right up the director’s alley, a feast of visual splendor, where the lines separating fantasy and reality blur and disappear. Matt and Drew continue to have terrible opinions by not really liking this beloved classic! Continue reading Episode 64 – The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen

Episode 63 – Reisen Til Julestjernen

Merry Christmas! 1976’s Reisen Til Julstjernen, directed by Ola Slolum and written by Slolum and Aksel Helgeland, is the progenitor of 2012’s Journey To The Christmas Star. For Christmas this year, Matt and Drew go full Norway, without the benefit of English dubbing or subtitles! This episode also contains a reading of that perennial Yuletide favorite, How The Lich Killed Christmas! Continue reading Episode 63 – Reisen Til Julestjernen

Episode 62 – Mirror Mirror

2012’s Mirror Mirror, directed by Tarsem Singh, is yet another updated fairy tale, although plastered over with the director’s distinctive visual style. Matt and Drew both had less-than-positive reactions to the results. Continue reading Episode 62 – Mirror Mirror

Episode 61 – Wolfhound

2006’s Wolfhound, directed and written by Nikolai Lebedev, based on the novel by Maria Semyonova, is another super-Russian fantasy film, from a much different era than Ruslan & Ludmila.  Matt and Drew both found a lot to like in this, but agreed that it desperately needed another pass in the editing room. Continue reading Episode 61 – Wolfhound

Episode 60 – Warriors Of Virtue

1997’s Warriors Of Virtue, directed by Ronny Yu and written by Michael Vickerman & Hugh Kelly, is totally not ripping off Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers or Captain Planet & The Planeteers. Matt and Drew have embarrassing levels of fun…with Buffalo Man! Continue reading Episode 60 – Warriors Of Virtue

Episode 59 – Tales From Earthsea

We’re back! A dinosaur story! 2006’s Tales From Earthsea, directed by Gorō Miyazaki, is pretty loosely based on the Earthsea series of novels by Ursula K. LeGuin. Matt and Drew take their second trip into the world of Studio Ghibli and dissect the directorial debut of the founder’s son. Continue reading Episode 59 – Tales From Earthsea

Episode 58 – The Ator Series

The Ator Series, although not officially named The Ator Series, began in 1982 and was composed of the films Ator: The Fighting Eagle; The Blade Master; Iron Warrior; and Quest For The Mighty Sword. On his own, Matt watches all four films and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each, and the series as a whole. Continue reading Episode 58 – The Ator Series

Episode 57 – Masters Of The Universe

1987’s Masters Of The Universe, directed by Gary Goddard and written by David Odell, is only a single step for the long-running Masters Of The Universe franchise, but one of the last films that Reel Fantasy favorite, Cannon Films, ever produced. Matt and Drew both believe that they have the power! Continue reading Episode 57 – Masters Of The Universe

Episode 56 – Age Of The Dragons

2011’s AGE OF THE DRAGONS is a fantasy retelling of Moby Dick, starring Danny Glover as Ahab, Corey Sevier as Ishmael and Sofia Pernas as Rachel. Matt and Drew discuss an intriguing premise, with an ultimate execution that had nothing fun or interesting to offer. Agree with our assessment? Disagree? Let us know in this episode’s comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

Episode 55 – Jason And The Argonauts

Matt and Drew dip back into Drew’s childhood with 1963’s JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS! Arnold Schwarzenegger would play Machine-Gun-Arm-Jason! The most incredible Uncle Hercules ever put to film! The only reason Acastus is an Argonaut is his amazing announcer voice! The second greatest movie monster of all time is filled with boiling Kool-Aid!