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Episode 29 – Hogfather

Matt and Drew kick off the Christmas season, while showing off their terrible English accents, with 2006’s HOGFATHER! Britannia to the max, porcine Santa Claus analogues, inter-generational body system building blocks and half-hour tooth-sweeping sessions. Plus, Drew starts things off having seen more of the movie than Matt…but doesn’t end up that way.

Episode 28 – The Lord Of The Rings (1978) Commentary

Matt, Drew and Amanda try something new for Thanksgiving and provide running commentary on 1978’s LORD OF THE RINGS! To get the most out of this, you should watch the movie along with us…it won’t really make a lick of sense otherwise. Don’t worry, we explain how to synchronize us and the movie in the beginning of the commentary.

Episode 27 – Labyrinth

Matt and Drew dive deeper into The Sea Of Muppets with 1986’s LABYRINTH! Pat Hingle plays a 15-year-old girl, David Bowie’s junk, threats of stinkiness and Crisis On Infinite Trap Doors. Plus, Drew turns into a Whoopee cushion for a few seconds at one point.

Episode 26 – Mythica: The Necromancer

Matt and Drew are fykin’ back for more with 2015’s MYTHICA: THE NECROMANCER! We’re still not sure how to pronounce Jake Stormoen’s name, The Red Thorns are the hardest-rockin’ band in all the land, beetle gods and half-elf rogues don’t like sand because it’s coarse and it gets everywhere. Plus, Drew busts out some Swedish history…but only briefly.

Extras – We Also Watch TV!

Matt and Drew discuss some of the recent television (and not so television, just long-form multi-part series viewed on various platforms) shows they watch and enjoy.

WARNING: none of the shows are fantasy. Generally spoiler-free discussions of Channel Zero: Candle Cove; Stranger Things; American Horror Story; Turn: Washington’s Spies; and Westworld.

Episode 25 – A Kid In King Arthur’s Court

Matt and Drew fall through a hole in the earth and into 1995’s A KID IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT! The Other Spam Chronicles, Merlin’s head in a well, sooooo much product placement and medieval metalheads. Plus, Drew lays out a compelling case for “ponytail equals ’90s bad guy.”

Episode 24 – Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Matt and Drew celebrate Halloween with 2013’s HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS! SOOO EDGY, Pinhead’s sister, that’s not how diabetes works and Luke and Leia relationships. Plus, Drew devotes a large portion of the episode to building things, making patterns and drawing pictures with Halloween candy.

Episode 23 – Hundra

Matt and Drew wish that 1983’s HUNDRA was more of the Conan knock-off it appeared to be at first glance! Rape, more rape, even more rape and a blue horse. And rape. Plus, Drew plots out a modern Hundra remake.

Episode 22 – The NeverEnding Story II

Matt and Drew return to the land of Fantasia with 1990’s THE NEVERENDING STORY II: THE NEXT CHAPTER! The Spam Chronicles, new actors in old roles, Wambo: Fiwst Bwood Pawt 2 and huntin’ the purple buffalo. Plus, Drew’s fear of facelessness rears its head once again.