Replay – The NeverEnding Story II

The twenty-second episode of The Reel Fantasy Podcast featured 1990’s The NeverEnding Story II, directed by George T. Miller (not to be confused with George “Mad Max & Happy Feet” Miller) and written by Karin Howard. Matt and Drew enjoyed it less than The NeverEnding Story, but more than The NeverEnding Story III.

The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter is, of course, a sequel to 1984’s The NeverEnding Story, starring Jonathan Brandis as Bastian; Thomas Hill as Mr. Koreander; and Clarissa Burt as Xayide.

The film loosely adapts the second half of the German novel, The NeverEnding Story, by Michael Ende. It took quite a while to get the film off the ground, because after the first film was released, Michael Ende sued the producers to have input on future installments. Ultimately, the screenplay went through fourteen drafts before the film was made.

While Michael Ende hated the first film, the viewing public didn’t seem to share his opinion. It made $100 million on a $27 million budget. This film, on the other hand, made $17.4 million on a $36 million budget. Ouch.

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