Replay – The Christmas Dragon

The third and final Reel Fantasy Christmas Countdown episode of 2016 was The Christmas Dragon, released in 2014.  Directed by John Lyde and written by Shyla & David Addante, this film starred some familiar faces to Matt and Drew and served quite nicely to round out the holiday season.

Produced by Arrowstorm Entertainment, the independent company responsible for the Mythica series, The Christmas Dragon starred Bailee “Random Girl Whose Father Is Brutally Murdered By One Of Our Heroes In The Opening Of The Last Mythica Film”Johnson as Ayden; Paris “Zombie Girl” Warner as Rosalynne; Jake “Dagen” Stormoen as Airk; Melanie “Marek” Stone as Saerwen; and Adam “Thane” Johnson as Father Christmas.

Although we didn’t watch it until well into our familiarity with all things Arrowstorm and Mythica, The Christmas Dragon was actually released before any of the Mythica films. And while it never gives any direct indication that it takes place in the same world as the Mythica series, we liked to think that it did as we watched it. We found it interesting that, while this film was shot mostly during the warmer months, most of the Mythica films feature snow-covered landscapes, making any given Mythica film feel more Christmasy than The Christmas Dragon.

This episode also features Matt’s reading of The Reel Fantasy Night Before Christmas, written specifically for this episode, and which Drew found to be “pretty good.”

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