Replay – Journey To The Christmas Star

The second Reel Fantasy Christmas Countdown episode of 2016 was Journey To The Christmas Star, released in Norway in 2012.  Directed by Nils Gaup and written by Kamilla Krogsveen, this film went on to become both Matt and Drew’s favorite of the Christmas Countdown season.

A remake of a 1976 film, which was in turn based on a 1924 ballet, Journey To The Christmas Star, or Reisen Til Julestjernen as it’s known in its original Norwegian, starred Vilde Marie Zeiner as Sonja; Anders Baasmo Christiansen as The King; Agnes Kittelsen as The Witch; Stig-Werner Moe as The Count; and Knut Walle as Father Christmas.

Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Norway, the DVD of the film featured only an English dubbed track, with the dubbing provided primarily by British actors. We got a good chuckle out of the fact that all of the humans have English accents, while all of the earthy, dirt-dwelling gnomes have Scottish accents. Hmm…

When we talked about this movie, Matt predicted that it would enter his annual Christmas-movie-watching rotation…and it indeed has. Despite its 5.9 out of 10 rating on IMDB, Matt loves this movie. It was directed by the same man who directed one of his absolute favorite childhood films, Shipwrecked, and although he didn’t know too much about his Norwegian roots at the time, he has since learned much more and made a deep dive into his Norwegian genealogy. Tailor-made Christmas viewing experience!

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