Replay – Hogfather

The first Reel Fantasy Christmas Countdown episode of 2016 was Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather, released on Sky One in 2006.  Directed and written by Vadim Jean, the film did little to put Matt and Drew in the Christmas spirit.

The first live-action adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s long-running Discworld series of humorous fantasy novels, Hogfather starred Ian Richardson as Death; David Jason as Albert; Marc Warren as Mr. Teatime; Michelle Dockery as Susan; and Reel Fantasy favorite, Joss Ackland as Mustrum Ridcully. Terry Pratchett himself had a cameo as The Toymaker.

Oh, there’s also a bizarre Albert Pyun joke in there somewhere. Don’t ask why.

This episode is a milestone in the history of Reel Fantasy, as it marks the first and (to date) only time we elected not to watch a film in its entirety. Although, feeling guilty about that, Matt did eventually go back and watch the whole thing. It’s all there in the episode. Give it a listen!

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