Episode 57 – Masters Of The Universe

1987’s Masters Of The Universe, directed by Gary Goddard and written by David Odell, is only a single step for the long-running Masters Of The Universe franchise, but one of the last films that Reel Fantasy favorite, Cannon Films, ever produced. Matt and Drew both believe that they have the power!

Masters Of The Universe was an early starring role for Fulbright Scholar, Dolph Lundgren as He-Man, supported by Frank Langella as Skeletor; Billy Barty as Gwildor; and Courteney Cox as Julie.

Masters Of The Universe began as an action figure and toy line by Mattel, before the storyline was codified in comic books by DC Comics; the popular cartoon, He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe; as well as several spin-offs, sequels, and reboots.

For Cannon Films, the Masters Of The Universe brand did not fare so well. The film was a critical and commercial failure, leading to an aborted sequel.  It was also one of a string of failures that ultimately led to the decline and closure of Cannon.

For this episode’s Reel Fantasy Blue Flame Of Valor trivia question, we asked listeners to do some research and let us know what other film (and popular intellectual property) director Albert Pyun was scheduled to direct for Cannon at the same time as directing Masters Of The Universe 2: Cyborg. Neither film came to fruition. We were also very curious if anyone could tell us who the character of “Pigboy” was. ‘Cause we didn’t know.

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